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A garage fire erupted on Broadley Road in Margate earlier today, May 7, 2024, prompted a swift response from emergency services. The incident occurred at approximately 4:56pm local time.

According to authorities, the fire is believed to have started accidentally when a lithium-ion battery charger caught fire inside the garage. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Three fire engines rushed to the scene, and firefighters, clad in protective gear and breathing apparatus, worked to extinguish the flames. They employed powerful hose reel jets to douse the fire, preventing it from spreading to nearby structures.

In a strategic move, crews also deployed a smoke curtain to prevent the thick smoke from infiltrating the main property. The quick action by the fire department helped contain the situation and minimize damage.

The cause of the battery charger ignition is still under investigation, but authorities emphasize the importance of proper handling and storage of electronic devices to prevent similar incidents.

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