Canadians check out local crime fighting....23 September 2002

Contributed by localrags on Nov 11, 2002 - 10:27 AM

South East Kent police have been playing host to six officers from the Peel Regional Police Force based in Ontario, Canada.

The Peel force has decided to adopt intelligence-led policing and the officers have been to the UK on a fact-finding mission.

They chose Kent because it is the force that has successfully pioneered the model in this country.

Canadian Supts Ed Toye and Blair Foley were interested in looking at the model from a command perspective and spent the day with various senior officers including Supt Steve Harris, Ch Insp David Cartwright and DCI Chris Hogben.

They also had a presentation by Sgt John Merrit of the Strategic Crime Reduction Unit and DI Steve Corbishley, head of the Area Crime Unit.

Canadian DS Dave Woodland and his colleague Sgt Malcolm Bow spent the day alongside Folkestone patrol officers to see how they are briefed and how they respond to calls as and when they arrive.

Luba Kostevski and John Yocom, who work as Civilian Crime Analysts for the Peel Force, learned how South East Kent's Area Crime Management Unit process investigations and how the area produces its briefing package.

Having spent time with Kent officers, Ms Kostevski said she and her colleagues had benefited from seeing how things work: "We are extremely impressed by everything we have seen here in Kent. Your intelligence-led model works well and the way information is used is excellent. I was particularly impressed with the briefing process and how this informs day to day priorities."

Mr Yokom said: "There is an emphasis on efficiency in Kent that each officer works to a specific brief and knows the part they have to play in the bigger picture; everyone seems to know what they have to do and is well organised. We will be taking back a useful insight into the Kent model of intelligence-led policing that will also work well in our country."