Cllr.Smith objects to me giving him publicity....22 September 2002

Contributed by localrags on Nov 11, 2002 - 10:25 AM


Well, Cllr.Smith objects to me giving him publicity for his stance at Shepway on the Development Control Committee.

That's got to be a first for someone who has done nothing but court publicity since he was elected 18 months ago.

Perhaps the difference here is that he did not want the people to know he had rejected a great opportunity for increased road safety for the people of Hawkinge on what will become an increasingly busy road.

He maintains that he had to reject my motion for a bridge or tunnel to form part of a Section 106 agreement because it was contrary to umpteen Shepwayand County Structure Plans.

This is rubbish, and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the planning process. Section 106 agreements are "add ons" to the granting of any planning permission.

Below is an extract from the planning papers sent to ALL members of the Development Control Committee that night.

"With regard to highway implications, K.C.C. Highways are satisfied with the proposal, subject to the provision of a pedestrian crossing on Spitfire Way.

If planning permission is granted, it is considered that it should also be subject to a SECTION 106 PLANNING AGREEMENT requiring the developer to provide such a crossing.

The developer has indicated he is WILLING to do this".

The Development Control Committee is a public meeting and nothing that was reported was inappropriate.

Indeed for part of the meeting two members of Hawkinge Parish Council were present.

At last week's Parish Council meeting, Cllrs. Robinson and Johns questioned Cllr. Smith closely on his failure to support my motion.

At first he would not answer their questions, when he did he said, "That the District Councillor was not here tonight, only the Parish Councillor".

Five minutes earlier he had been giving the District Councillor`s report.

Personally I believe the electorate have a right to know about all the actions or inactions of their elected.

We must all be accountable.

I leave you readers to draw your own conclusions as to why Cllr.Smith was not amused I reported that debate.

Colin Tearle