Chemical contamination

Contributed by localrags on Oct 07, 2003 - 02:17 PM

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<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>EMERGENCY SERVICES PREPARE FOR CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION<IMG alt="Chemical hazard" hspace=20 src="" align=left vspace=20 border=1>

<FONT color=black><FONT face=Arial><FONT size=2>A huge exercise simulating a chemical incident involving the Ministry of Defence and the Kent emergency services will begin o­n Friday morning (10 October) at Shorncliffe Garrison

The exercise will also involve Kent Police and Ambulance and the Kent Fire and Rescue Service using decontamination equipment for around 100 casualties.

<FONT color=black>Due to the number of simulated casualties, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service will moving a large convoy of emergency vehicles to Folkestone from Ashford under ‘blue light’ conditions.