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Are you an artist or do you have a hobby, craft or club who wish to exhibit their work?

Then the Capel-le-Ferne weekly Farmers Market could be just for you.

The weekly market in the Capel Village hall  will feature Exhibitions for the public to view and exhibit, having a different o­ne every Tuesday morning.

The idea is for local people to come along with their work for the public to see.  These exhibitions can be of art, photographs, pottery, collections, displays from clubs and societies to promote their clubs, charities and volunteer  groups hoping to recruit more volunteers, local historians with history of the Kent area.

There will be no charge for the exhibitors unless they plan to sell their goods, in which case we ask that they make a 10% of sales donation to the Village Hall.

The first exhibitions  will be o­n Tuesday 7th October with an exhibition of photographs by a member of Folkestone Camera Club.

If you are interested in holding an Exhibition, please contact Mrs Jenny Barraclough (Village Hall  Management Committee Secretary) o­n 01303 245399 (or e mail to book.