Back off, I’m keeping my speed down!

Contributed by admin on Oct 21, 2004 - 09:55 PM


Kent traffic cops have produced a free car sticker to help reduce the problem of tailgating.

The sticker placed in the rear window of the car says “I’m keeping my speed down!â€?  It also includes the camera partnership logo, website address and the Partnership character Syril the snail.

Rachel Moon, Communications and Promotions Officer said: “We often hear from drivers who say they stick within the speed limit but feel constantly threatened by drivers ‘sitting’ directly behind them in an attempt to push them to go faster.

They say the o­nly way they feel they can escape the threat is to speed up. This not o­nly means they might end up breaking the law by exceeding the legal limit but that if they do have a crash their injuries will be a lot more severe compared to if they stuck within the limit.â€?

Rachel added: “We have given out a number of stickers at our events over the summer and they have proved extremely popular.�

If motorists would like o­ne of our stickers they can email or Or write to Communications Office, Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership, Phoenix House, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8PX.