It's all a Cunning Plan!

Contributed by editor on Oct 29, 2004 - 07:53 PM


Dear Ed

A week or so ago, the Adscene was delivered to my address under the guise of a sheep in sheep's clothing too.

I phoned the people responsible to voice my annoyance and was informed that the Lib Dems were treated like anyone else, if the Monster Raving Looney Party (I wish) the Tories, Labour (new or old) or anyone else wished to make payment for their propoganda to be delivered with the Adscene, whether inside or as a wrap around they would take the money.

I would suspect that to pay for a wrap a round the costs would be quite substantial and therefore a drain o­n the Lib Dem coffers... I don't know if the new Independent (ha ha) Lib Dems will also do a wrap around , perhaps they will shortly be wrapped up themselves!

I do, however, enjoy the wrap a round, it does raise a laugh, as they seem to be damning themselves with their self praising , after their numerous about turns!!

I look upon it more as a poster for a visiting circus, complete with Ringmaster and Clowns

Finkle use it to light the bonfires with!!