Mumps outbreak prompts emergency action

Contributed by editor on Nov 17, 2004 - 08:12 PM


16 to 25 year olds are to be offered emergency vaccinations for mumps after cases in the County have increased threefold.

Director of the Kent Health Protection Unit, Dr Mathi Chandrakumar announced the programme after a sharp increase in cases over the previous year.

Dr Chandrakumar said the rise was not an epidemic, but warned that protection was needed.

Kent Health officials are targeting up to 30,000 young people who could be at risk.

<FONT color=navy><FONT color=black>Doctors say the injection will not have any serious side effects.

<FONT color=navy size=4>The East Kent immunisation sites:

<FONT color=navy>Canterbury College, Canterbury
Christchurch University College (Canterbury and Thanet)
South Kent College (Ashford)

Facts about Mumps

<FONT color=navy>Mumps is a viral infection that is transmitted through airborne droplets from the coughs and sneezes of infected people.

<FONT color=navy>It takes about 16-21 days between coming into contact with an infected person, and symptoms, such as painful swelling of saliva-making glands found o­n either side of the face, developing.

<FONT color=navy>The vast majority of people make an easy recovery from mumps infection.

<FONT color=navy>However, it can rarely cause unpleasant and painful complications and can be particularly dangerous in young men who may develop swelling of the testis that can cause infertility.