The bull was never going to win

Contributed by editor on Nov 21, 2004 - 04:50 PM


Mick Stapley Memorial Cup

Blackbull 0  v Hawkinge 5

By Cyril Trice

From the start of the match spectators must have felt that Hawkinge was the better side and it proved to be the case when by half time they were three goals up with none conceded.

Like a bullfight the bull was never going to win and after Hawkinge scored another two goals the excitement went out of the game.

Blackbull did get  a late chance of scoring when the ball hit an upright but it was Hawkinge who had the most chances of scoring. 

They had done their bit and with a comfortable win under their belts they could afford to relax.

You had the feeling  the home spectators were looking at the referee hoping he would blow his whistle and and put the home team out of its misery.