New view on local speed limits

Contributed by editor on Nov 23, 2004 - 01:37 PM


The Department for Transport today invited comments on draft updated guidance for English local authorities about how they set local speed limits.

Local traffic authorities are responsible for setting local speed limits on roads where speeds are different to the national speed limit. To assist them, the Department issues guidance covering the setting of all local speed limits on single and dual carriageway roads in both urban and rural areas.

Today's consultation seeks views on the updated guidance that will replace the current advice issued in 1993. The draft updated guidance takes account of road safety developments over the last ten years including speed limits in villages and 20mph speed limits and zones and new signage.

The updated guidance is designed to promote greater clarity and consistency regarding the setting of local speed limits.
Commenting on the draft guidance, Transport Minister David Jamieson said:

    "Local speed limits encourage drivers to adopt safe and appropriate speeds. They help drivers assess their surrounding road environment and adjust their driving accordingly.

    "The Department's guidance aims to help local traffic authorities set the right limits for the right roads based on local evidence and considerations. Whilst the current advice remains good and helpful, it is being updated to take account of the experience and road safety developments that have taken place since it was last published.

    "There are no plans to change national speed limits and local authorities remain responsible for setting limits locally - with the aim of keeping traffic moving freely and safely."