Pensioners could be in for a windfall

Contributed by editor on Nov 03, 2004 - 03:44 PM


Pensioners in Shepway could be missing out o­n thousands of pounds of Council Tax benefit.

They are among 30,000 pensioners across the county entitled to £10 million in benefit - but who have not applied for the cash.

Shepway Council is working in partnership with local authorities across Kent to make applying for the cash easier and to help ensure that pensioners get the entitlements they deserve.

The partnership, known as the Kent Benefits Partnership (KBP) was launched earlier in the year and has a team of eight new recruits and a manager based in Maidstone. The team serves the whole county and so far it has paid out £400,000 to more than 500 pensioners. Successful applicants have received an average of £700.

The partnership has now launched a new phase of publicity to get more people to apply. Caron Watson, Shepway Council’s Benefits Manager, said: “It’s fantastic that we’ve paid out some £400,000 to Kent’s pensioners but we believe there are more people who could get help if they contacted us and apply for benefit. Some of the comments from people who contact us have been heartwarming, particularly when they thought they wouldn’t get anything. So I would urge pensioners to contact KBP.�

To find out more about eligibility for council tax benefit or for more information o­n the campaign contact the Kent Benefits Partnership by ringing 0845 345 0310 or writing to KBP Contact Centre, Invicta House, Maidstone ME14 1XX.