Cash machine security warning

Contributed by editor on Nov 30, 2004 - 05:39 PM


You are advised that the London Underground has reported some problems with gangs of criminals targeting cash machines. The pictures below were taken at Hammersmith station on 21.10.04.

The first picture details how the Barclays cash machine normally looks. The criminals have been fitting portable card readers to the machines which clone the card details.

The second picture details how the cash machine looks after the cloning device has been fitted with double sided tape. This scam is not just confined to London. Oxford has already experienced some similar incidents in the past 6 months.

If you become aware that a device has been fitted to a cash machine, please contact the police immediately. Other customers should be discouraged from using the machine until the arrival of the police.

These devices tend to be fitted to machines that are away from banking premises, such as the underground, outside supermarkets, petrol stations etc; this way the scam is unlikely to be discovered by banking staff. They are also in place for short periods of time, evenings, nights and at weekends.

Please note that false device is cleverly constructed and sprayed the same colour as the machine to which it is fixed, it does not look immediately false or out of place. The machine will operate perfectly in that you will get your card back and the cash, balance etc that you have ordered. What the criminals get are your card details and in some circumstances your pin number, the rest you can imagine.