Merger brings hope for new jobs at airport

Contributed by editor on Nov 09, 2004 - 09:07 PM


The PlaneStation Group Plc is relocating its Head Office from London to Kent International Airport and EUjet is moving further key posts from Shannon to Manston.

Chief Executive Martin May says the Head Office team will be operating from the Airport by the end of the year.

He said: "Bringing together an airport operating group with an airline operator creates a dynamic business with tremendous potential. We need a unified management structure and integrated operations systems to maximise that potential.

"We are moving quickly to achieve this and the combining of operations teams will be completed in the next few weeks. Moving our Head Office to the Airport will ensure that directors and senior managers remain close to the all important day-to- day operations of the business.

"This is certainly good news for PlaneStation and EUjet and it is also good news for Kent which will now have a strong growth company based in the County with the potential to create new jobs in the short, medium and long term."

Around 30 key posts will move from the London PlaneStation office and EUjet’s offices in Shannon to Manston. The combined PlaneStation and EUjet staff at Kent International will now total around 400. Following o­n from the combining of departments and a review of the staffing of operations there will be a small number of redundancies from the duplication and overlap in responsibilities. The moves will also create a number of new marketing, finance and HR executive roles at the Airport.

EUjet Deputy Chief Executive Stuart McGoldrick said that the benefits of joint operation were clear and there was tremendous enthusiasm for the creation of an entirely new approach in airport and low fares airline operations.

He said: "We are ground breaking and the more we work o­n the project the more we are convinced that this is the right model for success. We now have the passenger numbers we need to grow and develop and with Kent International we offer a unique travel experience that our customers are delighted with and are keen to repeat.

"Our recent fares sale was a great success and exceeded our expectations. As a direct result 50,000 extra passengers will see how easy and convenient it is to fly with EUjet from Kent International."

EUjet is now operating a fleet of five Fokker 100 jets from Kent International to 15 European destinations. Five more routes to winter skiing destinations will be added in December.