Hawkinge Parish Council minutes 10th November 2004

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Minutes of the meeting of HAWKINGE PARISH COUNCIL held o­n 10th November 2004 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Present: Cllr. Callahan (Chairman)

              Cllrs. Heasman, Hodgson, Hogben, Punnett and Trice

In attendance: Mrs Hardy (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr. Ms Brisley and Cllr. Mrs Newton

                  Cllr. Smith (attending a District Council meeting)


Mr Ian Norman (Community Warden) reported the crimes committed in Hawkinge over the last two months and action taken by the Police.   The effectiveness of the new Dispersal Order is being assessed.     Police have dispersed youths that gather outside Tescos in the evening.   Crime figures are lower than for the same period last year.


19/04   Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held o­n 13th October 2004 were approved and signed by the Chairman (prop. Cllr. Heasman, sec. Cllr. Hogben) Votes: all in favour


20/04            Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Callahan declared an interest in planning matters (member of Development Control Committee SDC) he reserved the right to make a decision at District level when he is in possession of all the facts relating to an application.    Cllr. Heasman declared an interest in the Community Centre (Trustee) and Village Hall (Trustee).   Cllrs. Trice and Hodgson declared an interest in the Football Project (founder members of Hawkinge Football Club).  

21/04   Matters arising out of the Minutes

       (a) Hawkinge Village Hall (min.5/04)

The Chairman said the Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee had asked him to sign documentation regarding the sale of some of the village hall land.    He had sought legal advice and Kingsfords had confirmed that the Parish Council is the Registered Proprietor of the property, and enclosed a copy of the Land Registry document.    Cllr. Callahan said this would have a serious impact o­n the PC and the VHMC and he proposed that he and the Vice-Chairman meet the Secretary and Chairman to discuss the situation.    This was agreed.    The financial implications were referred to the Finance section o­n the agenda.         

       (b) Cars Parking o­n Football Ground (min.13/04)

Cllr. Hodgson had spoken to the Cricket Club about the boot fairs.    Members of their Management Committee will consider the matter and talk to the PC later.

       (c) Appearance of the Village (min. 14/04)

Councillors had been asked for suggestions to improve the appearance of the village.     Cllr. Punnett said litterbins and dog waste bins were needed.

      (d) Flower Tub Maintenance

Mr McCreedy, Parks & Recreation Manager, SDC, had written to say that the number of floral displays in the district had been drastically reduced due to reprioritisation of budgets; this meant it could not fund additional planting or maintenance work.    The Clerk will now write to local landscaping firms and KCC Landscaping Services for quotations to plant and maintain the tubs.

22/04   Reports – Working Groups

       (a) Planning and Development

Cllr. Trice said Allan Rogers, Tree Warden, had advised the Council that trees had been planted o­n the community green by a resident without seeking approval. He asked if he could replace some dead trees with two donated by a resident.   Mr Rogers to be advised that the green is the property of SDC.

       (b) Sports and Ground Maintenance/Football Project

Cllr. Hodgson said Elham Valley Lions Club had donated some money to the Hawkinge Football Club to purchase some goal posts.     People are exercising their dogs o­n the ground and there is now a problem because dogs are fouling the pitch and surrounding area.   It would not be possible to ban dogs completely because of the footpath that runs along o­ne side of the field.    It was decided that the Clerk should write to the Dog Warden at SDC, to explain the situation and ask for advice.

      (c ) Public Rights of Way

Cllr. Punnett was concerned that the footpath outside the shops, Canterbury Road, is still not clearly defined by coloured markings o­n the ground.

23/04   Other Bodies

       (a) Hawkinge Community Centre

Cllr. Hodgson reported that the Clerk had given notice to the Trustees that she can no longer be Acting Secretary to the Trust because there will be a need for letters to be exchanged and meetings held between the Executive Committee and the Parish Council in the near future that will cause a conflict of interests.

He had received a copy of a proposed Bank Loan to be taken out by the Trust that needed the signature of all Trustees.   He was seeking legal advice. 

Cllr. Callahan had received a letter from Trevor Johns, Project Manager, explaining the reasons for the loan.   In view of o­ne condition under the Default section, he needed to ask advice from Kingsfords.

It was Resolved that Cllr. Hodgson be asked not to sign the Agreement between the Hawkinge Community Centre and NatWest Bank o­n behalf of the Parish Council and if he is asked as a Trustee, the PC does not wish him to sign it until he has received legal advice.

(prop. Cllr. Callahan, sec. Cllr. Trice) Votes: For 3 Against 0 Abstentions 3 

       (b) Hawkinge Village Hall

Cllr. Heasman said bookings are coming in from clubs that cannot be accommodated in the Community Centre.  

       (c) Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership

Cllr. Callahan to attend a Board Meeting the following day.   An Office Manager had been appointed.    Planning permission had been granted for the office building to be sited alongside Tescos.

        (d) Churchill School

Cllr. Trice asked about road markings outside the school o­n behalf of Terry Scott (Press) who was unable to attend the meeting.    Clerk to ask Kent Highways for information about parking restrictions outside the school entrance.

       (e) Hawkinge Primary School

Cllr. Callahan had been invited to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony in the Hawkinge cemetery.   Local schoolchildren were present and wreaths were laid at the Cross of Sacrifice.

The Chairman gave councillors details of the various ceremonies due to take place in Hawkinge o­n Remembrance Sunday 14th November, starting with a short ceremony at the Air Force memorial, Aerodrome Road at 10 a.m.

       (f) KAPC, Shepway Area Committee

Cllr. Heasman reported that a joint meeting between KAPC and SDC had taken place.    District councillors were unable to attend but Mr Jonathon Lund, Head of Administrative Services, had been able to answer questions.  

24/04   Spitfire Leisuredrome

The Chairman said the final alterations to the Lease being offered by the Parish Council to Hawkinge Youth & Community Sports Council had been made and returned to the solicitor.    He hoped the Lease would be signed by HY&CSC without delay.   

 25/04   Correspondence

       (a) Shepway District Council

            (i) Licensing Manager, Planning Environmental Health & Building Control

Services – consultation document o­n new draft Licensing Policy.   Councillors agreed to comment individually o­n the policy.

(ii) Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership: Summary Audit 2004 – public consultation brochure.    Received

(iii) Local Plans Manager, Shepway District Local Plan Review – proposed modifications.    The proposed modification to Land north of Barnhurst Lane (MOD 20) was discussed.

It was Resolved that the PC comment o­n the Shepway District Local Plan Review as follows: MOD 14 Barnhurst Lane – there should be landscaping o­n both sides of the proposed road.

(prop. Cllr. Punnett, sec. Cllr. Hogben) Votes For 5 Against 0 Abstention 1 (District Councillor)

The following correspondence was received and noted.

       (b) BTCV - letter of thanks for PC’s donation to the Kent Tree Warden Scheme

       (c) KAPC Annual Report for 2003/04

       (d) Kent Downs AONB – Annual Review 2003

26/04   Finance

      (a) Finance Group

Cllr. Callahan said that the Finance Group met o­n 5th November to discuss the financial implications of matters already reported.    They had considered the budget for 2005/06 and up-dated the Council’s Risk Assessment.    They had at the request of the Council reviewed the Clerk’s salary for 2004/05.

The Chairman recommended to the Council that it accept the 2004/05 National Salary Award for Local Council Clerks.

It was Resolved that the Clerk’s salary commencing 1st April 2004 will be

SCP 21 hourly rate £8.819p x 18 hours = £8.254.58
An increase of £18.64 per month commencing 1st April 2004

Back pay April/November 8 months £18.64 x 8 = £149.12

            (The Clerk left the room while the above item was discussed)

       (b) Hawkinge Community Newsletter

Cllr. Trice suggested various ways of handling the production of the publication.   He pointed out that there was sufficient income from advertisements to cover the cost of printing.   The present arrangement is that the PC pays for the printing and receives a donation of £90 to £100 from the editor towards the cost.      Some councillors felt that the status quo should remain because the Council had agreed monies be spent o­n a newsletter instead of a web site, and it should keep control of the content of the newsletter.

It was Resolved that prior to further discussion the Council write to Jackie Ide to ask if she would want to take over full responsibility for the newsletter.

(prop. Cllr. Hogben, sec. Cllr. Punnett.    Votes: all in favour

      (c) Payments

The following accounts were presented for payment.

Cowgate Landscaping



KAPC (one lunch at AGM)


SDC rates for football pitch land

Harmer Landscapes


Southern Water

NatWest EBS


Clerk's salary

Clerk's salary review - back pay



Expenses inc. tel a/c



Hawkinge Community Centre

It was Resolved that the accounts be paid (prop. Cllr. Heasman, sec. Cllr Trice) Votes: all in favour

       (d) Budget 2005/06

Councillors received a draft budget prepared by the Clerk that included the recommendations of the Finance Group.   The Head of Financial Services, SDC, requested an estimate of the precept by 7th January at the latest and the formal request before 31st January 2005 (letter dated 20th October). 

It was agreed that the running costs for the football ground (rates, maintenance of the pitch and grass cutting) would be an important factor to be considered.

The Finance Group will meet again to consider the income and expenditure, running costs and construction of the car park and pavilion before the next Council meeting.

At this point Cllr. Hodgson left the meeting


27/04   Plans

Y04/1437/SH Terlingham House, Gibraltar Lane: erection of a first floor balcony to the south west and south east elevation and a raised decked area to the ground floor south east elevation together with the erection of a single storey extension to the north east elevation and a detached double garage (resubmission of Y04/0776/SH).

Comment:   The PC notes that much of the construction in the plans has been given planning permission under Y01/1063/SH.   The views of the Council remain as submitted with plan Y04/0776/SH which were:

Objection:  the visual impact of the proposals o­n the surrounding area would be such that it would be seen to be detrimental.

Y04/1443/SH 3 Maplefield Gardens: works to trees the subject of Tree Preservation Order No.17 of 2000   No comment

Y04/1492/SH Bramdene, Stombers Lane: outline application for the erection of two detached dwellings together with a double garage (re-submission of Y04/0996/SH).   The PC strongly objects o­n the same grounds as submitted previously, namely that infilling of back land is contrary to District planning policy (RS2 Local Plan)

The action taken by the Planning Group was approved

Plan presented at the meeting:

Y04/1324/SH Hawkinge and Elham Valley Practice, 74 Canterbury Road, Hawkinge: siting of a portakabin to front of surgery.

Objection o­n the following grounds: loss of car parking space.

Votes: For 4 Against 0 Abstention 1 (District Councillor) 


           It was resolved that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.

29/04   Sale of strip of land at the Leisuredrome (min.18/04)

A letter from Kingsfords dated 28th October was received (a copy of their letter to East Kent Developments Ltd. and a copy of the draft Transfer referred to in the letter was enclosed).    The Council confirmed that it accepted drawing number DES 02 86 2003 and that the main points set out were acceptable apart from o­ne amendment - para 3.  The PC would like it made clear that it will be the Parish Council’s responsibility to say when repairs are needed to the access strip.

Clerk to advise Kingsfords accordingly.    

The meeting closed at 9.50 pm.