Fighting talk to keep hospital services in Folkestone

Contributed by editor on Dec 03, 2004 - 10:20 AM


Lib Dem Spokesman Peter Carroll has today urged local people to join the campaign to keep the services offered by the Royal Victoria Hospital here in Folkestone.

Two wards of the Royal Victoria, that deal with rehabilitating elderly people after serious illness, are under threat of closure. Three options are being given for their future - firstly to keep everything as it is, secondly to close the wards in Folkestone and move them to Ashford, or lastly to open new specialist units in Folkestone.

Local Lib Dem Peter Carroll said "It is essential that local people speak out if we are to keep our services here in Folkestone. To see these wards shut and moved to Dover would have horrendous consequences for local people who have loved ones in these wards."

"The distress that is caused when someone we care about falls ill can be immense. It would be even worse if local people then had to travel to Dover each day just to see their friend or relative."

There is a 12 week consultation period that has just begun.