Howard launches national poster campaign

Contributed by editor on Apr 27, 2004 - 12:31 PM

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Tory Party Leader  and Folkestone and Hythe MP Michael Howard launched a series of posters that marked the start of a national poster campaign. It will be supported by a national grassroots marketing campaign and an email marketing campaign. "Let Down By Labour" will be o­ne of the themes used by Conservatives in the June election campaign.

Launching the Let Down By Labour: The real Labour Manifesto, Michael Howard said: "In the last five months, I have spent a lot of time outside London. I have been all over Britain, meeting people, talking to them, listening to their concerns. Over and over again, they say o­ne thing to me. They feel let down. They feel let down by Labour.

"Tony Blair promised us that "things could o­nly get better". But after seven years, people see that little has changed. They know that Labour have let them down. Tony Blair promised that there would be no tax increases at all. But Labour have put taxes up sixty-six times. That's the equivalent of £5,000 for every household in the country. Council tax has gone through the roof, up by 70 per cent since Labour came to office. Labour have let us all down o­n tax.

"And despite Labour's many tax increases, we have little to show for it. We are a first-rate country with second-rate public services. In our schools today, o­ne in three children leave primary education unable to read, write and count properly. Children played truant a million times last year. What hope do we have of the future of our country if our children don't even go to school?"

Mr Howard continued: "In our hospitals, patients - many of them elderly and frail - still have to suffer the indignity of mixed sex wards. There are still a million people o­n NHS waiting lists. For some, the delay could genuinely mean the difference between life and death. Labour have let patients down.

"Britain deserves better. The Conservatives offer a clear alternative to Labour. We want Britain to have the first-class public services we deserve.

"I want to lead a government that means what it says. It will not say o­ne thing to o­ne interest group and something else to another. It will be consistent in its approach - chasing results, not newspaper headlines. I want to lead a government that is proud of Britain, stands up for Britain and wants the best for Britain. I want to lead a government that won't let you down."