Howard's plans to save £600,000 are 'pie in the sky'

Contributed by admin on Jun 03, 2004 - 08:11 PM

Local Liberal democrats are claiming that constituency MP Michael Howard's much talked about proposal to save Shepway Council £600,000 is not a workable solution.

They say Mr Howard claimed that the Council could save £600,000 this year by working with the County Council to deliver certain local services more cheaply, but the Lib Dems  are saying that initial discussions with the County Council have shown that there are no such savings to be made.

Lib Dem Cllr Linda Cufley said, "Early indications from meetings with the County Council are that the kind of savings Mr Howard has been talking about are 'pie in the sky'. It seems that Mr Howard is saying o­ne thing, while his Conservative colleagues at County Hall are saying something completely different."

Cllr Linda Cufley continued, "There are some savings to be made which we welcome, we will be lucky if these amount to even £100,000 not the £600,000 Mr Howard promised. Mr Howard's figures do not stack up. Even this smaller saving £100,000 would not be available immediately."

The Lib Dems have now written to Mr Howard to ask him just where he got the £600,000 figure from. The letter also asks o­nce again for the MP to back the Council's fight to stop the Labour Government forcing huge cuts to Shepway services.

Peter Carroll said, "In a recent Conservative leaflet Mr Howard is modestly described as Shepway's 'Saviour' for coming up with this plan. Now local people will be asking whether it was all just a publicity stunt."