"Enough is enough"

Contributed by editor on Aug 26, 2004 - 06:37 PM

<DIV class=subheading>"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

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Michael Howard
<TD width=5><IMG height=1 alt="" src="" width=5>In a speech in Stafford, Conservative leader and MP for Folkestone and Hythe Michael Howard has set out how the next Conservative Government will "change the culture" of Government in order to turn back the tide of political correctness.

Mr Howard acknowledged that "not all the answers to the problems posed by political correctness lie in the hands of politicians" but added that "there are specific measures that we can and will take to challenge it." He said that these include:

- A review of the Human Rights Act which is being "roundly abused".

- A consultation o­n how the Children Act is working in practice to "restore the balance of power between parents and bureaucrats".

- A freeze o­n civil service recruitment meaning that there will be "fewer bureaucrats to push out regulations".

- The implementation of "sunset clauses" for many regulations to ensure that o­nly those "that are clearly necessary will survive"; and

- Measures to protect teaches and "return to them control of the classroom."

Mr Howard went o­n to say that what is also needed is a "change of culture". The next Conservative Government "will say, loudly and clearly, to the people of this country, we are o­n your side. We will support doctors, teachers, nurses, policemen and the ordinary man and woman o­n the street. We will say to them, we agree with you.

"Enough is enough. You should be free to lead your lives as you see fit. We will o­nly intervene when the need to do so is clear and necessary. We will end the culture of regulation, interference and centralisation which is destroying our sense of community. o­nce again, government will serve the people. It will no longer be its master."