Community Centre billed for locked up photo gear

Contributed by editor on Jan 13, 2005 - 10:05 PM


Dover based freelance photographer Phil Medgett is to bill the Hawkinge Community Centre after he was refused entry to remove his lighting equipment.

Two sets of lights worth £5000 were held in the centre overnight and one of the professional lighting sets could be seen from outside the hall.

The incident occurred at the end of the Franze Academy Christmas Concert (20 December) for which Phil was employed to set up a mobile studio and photograph the youngsters.

At the end of the evening Mr Medgett said he had taken his camera equipment to his car and returned to the hall.

When he returned he said: "The hall was locked so I rang the bell".

"The man looking after the hall asked what I wanted and I told him that I wanted the rest of my lighting.

"He told me I couldn't have it as Frances had not paid her bill.

"I pointed out that this was nothing to do with me as I was working as a freelance photographer"

Phil had to leave the Community Centre without his tools of the trade and was forced to cancel a job he had booked the next day as he needed his lighting equipment for the assignment.

He will be billing the Community Centre for £100 over the incident.

Click to read Phil Medget's letter of complaint to the Hawkinge Community Centre