Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 11 November 2004

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Minutes of Meeting 11th November  2004 at Churchill School

1.    Introductions.

Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Brian Marshall, Deidre Lawton, Perry Hayward,  Deidre Ferguson & Jan Doyle (The Hawkinge Partnership), Martin Kennell & Jan Tester (Tesco).

2.    Apologies:

Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), PC Trevor Moody, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter).

3.    Minutes of last meeting.

Signed by Chairman. Due to meetings being 2 months apart, it was agreed that minutes from meetings would be posted on our webpage at the Hawkinge Gazette once approved as to be accurate by the Chair and 2 members of the forum

4.    Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present due to classes of duty.see Community Warden report. PC Moody will in the future only attend meetings when he is specifically needed or wishes to bring a subject to the forum.

5.    Guests

HCSF welcomed Hawkinge Partnership Manager Deidre Ferguson who introduced the Theme Leaflets “Crime & Community Safetyâ€?  to all.  Indications that Criminal Damage, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Violence increased during 2003/2004. The Partnership wishes to work with residents associations, Neighbourhood Watch and improve links and cooperation between community, police and other agencies. The Partnership looks to the possibility of HCSF being a direct link as a sub-group. The Parnership office buildings are to be built next to Tesco and will be manned by Deidre and an office manager as a communication and help point linking the village and agencies. The needs of the village and funding of required projects wil be directed from the offices which are due to be launched 2nd April 2005.

An event for villagers and groups interested in forming sub-groups will be held at the Village Hall  from 2.30 to 8pm on 27th January 2005. Further information 01303 852321.

6.    Letters Ref. School Safety, Parking in Village - Tesco

Chris Introduced Martin Kennell by giving a resume of the problems surrounding the Tesco “One Stop Shop� referring to the forum letter written 2nd August 2004 to Cllr. David Callahan - Cllr. Peter Smith, Phillapa Janaway ( KCC Road Safety Officer) - The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP - Brian McAndrew (Chief Executive SDC) - Robert Beck ( Highways SDC) - John Palmer (County Member) - Cllr. Christena Smith - Cllr. Richard King KCC - Jan Doyle (Chair, Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership).

Martin gave a short talk upon the improvements already made by himself and his policy concerning intimidation to his customers by groups of youths and sales of alcohol, The situation has improved since his appointment as manager of the store.  Martin agreed that there was a concern about timing of the stores’ delivery vehicles clashing with school busses and dropping-off and collection of children at the primary school, he said he will look into it. Martin felt sure that Tesco would cooperate with the village about delivery arrangements and would appreciate alternatives as the village changes. Perry said that Tesco delivery vehicles were double parked out side of the shop one morning last week causing obstruction to through traffic.

7.    Open Forum - Matters Arising.

Jan Tester asked if Crosskeys could be asked to change their collection and pick-up point for Pent Valley and Brockhill School to the bottom of Aerodrome Road as over 50% of the children come from that direction, this would reduce congestion. The rear of the Community Centre was also suggested as an alternative. Cllr. Peter Smith had already said at a previous meeting that he would talk to Education authorities about the problem but he has not reported back to the forum. Ian said he will attempt to find answers to the pick-up points problem above by talking to the Education Office. Perry concerned about the danger to horse riders in the lanes around the village, particularly Gibraltar Lane and Elvington Lane. Signs needed. Residents at the double bends on Gibraltar Lane have already seen some nasty accidents. The bends and are at the junction of a popular throughway for riders.

8.    Reports from Neighbourhood Watch

Sally Coleman was unfortunately able to attend this evening.
The New Neighbourhood Watch Executive for Hawkinge is Peter Broom.

9.    Reports from Councillors

No councillors attended the meeting.

10.    Report from Community Warden

Although problems with village youth has been a concern over the past year, it is only the select few that cause trouble and are in general known. There have been as many as 8 calls per week due to problems at Tesco. Crime is rapidly decreasing in Hawkinge. Cycling Proficiency Classes are being held regularly at both of the schools. The Partnership will have a “Youth Sub Group� to look into the needs of these children. Parts of Hawkinge are designated as Designated Dispersal Areas where those causing obstruction and nuisance can be dealt with and a curfew for young children is imposed. This restriction is not permanent. Ian promised a full breakdown of crime figures at the next meeting.

11.    Any other business.
Attendees of the recent Parish Council meeting revealed that it appears that the Village Hall car park does not belong to the Village Hall, but to SDC,  Chris welcomed the news as it may now be possible to get the car park repaired and made a homogenous part of the Village. It is noted that current parking arrangement on the A260 restricts the view of drivers leaving the Village Hall car park.

12.    Next Meeting.

Thursday 13th January Hawkinge Community Centre  3pm to 5pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.