Elham hunt meets despite the ban

Contributed by editor on Dec 26, 2005 - 11:55 AM


The 200-year-old tradition of the East Kent Foxhounds meeting at Elham o­n Boxing Day is continuing when they meet in the village square today (26 December).

But this year they will o­nly be following a fox scent after the government banned foxhunting earlier in the year.

Supporters of foxhunting claimed the law would kill the sport but hunts across the country are expecting thousands of supportersto turn out.

Speaking o­n BBC Radio Kent, East Kent Hunt supporter Nick O­nslow, said: "Politicians wanted to destroy us.

"The hundreds who gather in the square to show their support will be defying them just by turning up.

"The Boxing Day meet is a great tradition, part of our heritage, which for hundreds of people is as much part of Christmas as turkey and mince pies.