Howard's man is new leader

Contributed by editor on Dec 06, 2005 - 09:31 PM


<IMG hspace=5 src="" align=left vspace=5><SPAN class=BodyTitle>HOWARD'S MAN IS NEW LEADER

<SPAN class=maincontenttext>Local Conservatives have today congratulated David Cameron o­n becoming the new leader of the Conservative Party.

As o­ne of Michael Howard's protégés, Mr Cameron helped the outgoing Tory leader with his weekly attack o­n the government at PMQs.

<SPAN class=maincontenttext>Mr Howard was widely regarded as successful at landing the odd punch o­n the usually untouchable Mr Blair.

<SPAN class=maincontenttext>If Mr Cameron can be as effective in his front-line role as he was in briefing the Tory leader, he will have more to worry about from disgruntled Tories than from his enemies o­n the benches opposite.
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Following local MP Michael Howard’s decision to stand down in May there has been a lively debate within the local Conservative Party as well as nationally. David Cameron with 68% of the vote was a clear winner. There was a 78% turnout.

Local Agent Bob Davidson said, “It has been great to have such a wealth of talent to choose from in the Leadership election. All the candidates have done the Conservative Party proud and have shown that they have the expertise to run the country. David Cameron has shone through as a very capable Leader and we will unite behind him to take us into and win the next General Election.�

David was elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Witney constituency in West Oxfordshire in June 2001. After the General Election in 2005 David was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Skills. He has previously held the positions of Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons (2003), Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party (2003), front bench spokesman o­n Local Government Finance (2004) and Head of Policy Co-ordination in the run-up to the General Election in May 2005.

He was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee between 2001 and 2003. Born in October 1966, David has worked at a high level in both business and Government. He spent almost seven years at Carlton Communications plc, o­ne of the UK's leading media companies, where he was Director of Corporate Affairs and served o­n the Executive Board.

Before joining Carlton, he worked as a Special Advisor, first to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and then to the Home Secretary, working closely with Ministers o­n major legislation, budgets and spending rounds. David is married to Samantha, who is the Creative Director of Smythsons of Bond Street. They have homes in West Oxfordshire and London and have two children.