Degenerating into an empire building opportunity

Contributed by editor on Feb 10, 2005 - 02:43 PM


Dear Ed,

Unfortunately, I fear the whole partnership exercise will degenerate into an empire building opportunity.

The large and ugly office is just the first stage. I don't think the parish council has much to complain about when it confines its concerns to the "impact the building would have on the row of shops in Canterbury Road".

Has anyone from the parish council taken a long hard look at the south side of the road from the north side? I think not. In view of the chaos in the mornings now along that stretch of road - even TESCO's could be considered a mistake; the layby also seems to be attracting abandoned vehicles now.

Shame; the partnership deal, although not a lot of money by today's standards, should have given a bit more than an office and big 'eads.