Girls rescued from incoming tide

Contributed by editor on Feb 13, 2005 - 12:08 AM


Two 14-year-old girls were rescued from the incoming tide by Coastguards at Folkestone on Saturday (12 February).

The girls are reported to have called the emergency services on a mobile phone at about 2.00pm from the beach at Folkestone Harbour.

They were pulled to safety by the Folkestone Coastguard team, with assistance from the Dover Lifeboat.

Frank O’Neill, Watch Manager at Dover Coastguard said: “When the Coastguard Team reported the situation to us it became very clear that had they not arrived in the nick of time, then this situation may have had a tragic outcome as the sea is particularly rough this afternoon in that area.

“We would remind parents to warn their youngsters of not venturing too close to the sea when there is such a large swell and rough weather. Our thanks are also due to the crew of the Dover lifeboat who provided vital communications for us at sea whilst the Team were in the lee of the cliff�.