"The buck stops here" at WI meeting

Contributed by editor on Feb 05, 2005 - 10:53 AM

HAWKINGE ACRISE & PADDLESWORTH WI January meeting "The buck stops here"

You know how you wake up in the morning unsuspecting that any thing is wrong, Thursday 27th January was just such a day. 

The sun had begun to shine, a lovely sight for late January and a pleasant day was planned. then the phone rang! 

I was informed by Pauline Hart, our social secretary, that the speaker for the February meeting was unable to come as arranged and Pauline unfortunately could not find an alternative at such short notice. 

Well you know what Eisenhower said on D Day "the buck stops here" !

So I let the problem swish around in my head for awhile and then the solution came to me. I had recently been sorting out the WI scrap books so that they could be included in a review at our April meeting and had come across one made by WI members in 1965, yes forty years ago! 

This scrap book is a real gem giving a detailed over view of life in the villages at that time and I thought an excellent subject to present to the members.

The meeting was opened in the usual fashion by extending a warm welcome to everyone and especially to three ladies who had come along to give us the "once over". 

Jerusalem was sung and birthday greetings given to Christine Stanton, Ros Allen and Phyllis Leonard, who along with Gillian Philcox and Ruth Prior joined me later at the birthday table for tea. 

I was pleased to announce that Madeleine Egleton had been a winner of the Christmas and New Year quiz set by the editors of the East Kent News (our monthly Federation newsletter), her prize is a year's WI subscription and we gave her a warm round of applause, well done Madeleine. 

Forthcoming events were then discussed at some length and Ruth Prior, as our events organiser, gave details of several of the trips we hope to put on this year .One in particular is an outing to Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, not proving to be an easy trip to put together so thanks to Ruth for persevering.

After business was completed I introduced the "1965 Scrapbook", it proved to be a great success. 

We are fortunate enough to have some members who can remember the places, people, shopping outlets and events that are included in this book and could therefore expand on these topics. 

A very enjoyable time was had reminiscing on 1965; thanks go to the ladies who compiled the book, can you remember where you were then?

As our speaker was to give a talk on buying an Oast House we had chosen "an unusual bottle of beer" for the monthly competition, the winner was Linda Barnes. A quiz had been set by Ruth Prior, the winner was Ann Wilson.

The talk in March is to be given on the Air Ambulance Service and the monthly competition is for a "hand made get well card". 

We really do enjoy our meetings and if you have recently moved to the village or now find you have free time on the first Tuesday of the month do come along and join in, you will be given a warm welcome.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 1st March at 2pm in the Village Hall. 

If you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact either the Secretary on 01303 893858 or the President on 01303891734.

Linda Barnes