Date set for supermarket planning application

Contributed by admin on Mar 12, 2005 - 12:35 PM


The plans for the Lidl supermarket in Hawkinge will be put before the
Development Control Committee of Shepway Council later this month.

In May 2004 the District Council turned down the plans for the supermarket in
Hawkinge o­n the grounds that they considered it would be too big for the needs
of the village, and would take trade away from supermarkets in Folkestone and
beyond. They also considered it would result in increased traffic to the area.

It never went before the Development Control Committee as the decision was taken
by Shepway Council officers.

Following a second application in October 2004 Hawkinge Parsh Council approved
the plans for the supermarket to be built o­n land adjacent to Haven Drive and
Spitfire Way.

Four councillors were in favour with three abstentions and o­ne vote against.
Cllr Trice voted for the development but raised questions regarding the safety
of the access to the store.

The plans were passed to Shepway Council to be heard, this time by the
Development Control Committee and a decision will be made at the meeting o­n 22
March 2005, nearly five months after the plans were voted through for approval
by the Parish Council.

Planning application number: Y04/0215/SH