Tory blues over election poster thefts

Contributed by editor on Apr 19, 2005 - 09:57 PM


Conservative Party posters were being stolen at such a rate that local Conservative Campaign Manager Bob Davidson has reported the thefts to Folkestone police.

Bob Davidson said: “We all expect a few to be ripped down o­n the odd occasion by people who have had a few too many drinks but what happened o­n Saturday night was clearly more systematic.  Posters were stolen along Military Road, Seabrook Road and up London Road. The posters were completely removed over the roughly 4 mile stretch, some of which were 4 foot in size, so I would not be surprised if a vehicle of some sort was used.

“Having reported this matter to the police they have assured me that an investigation will take place and they of course will have access to any cameras o­n this stretch.

“The Conservative Party believes in fair play at all elections and we strongly condemn this criminal activity."