Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 13 March 2005

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Minutes of Meeting 3pm 13th March  2005 at Hawkinge Community Centre

1.    Introductions.

Chris Ashman (Chairman), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette),  Brian Marshall, Deirdre Lawton,  Jan Doyle (Chair The Hawkinge Partnership) David Callahan, Don Veale. Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter) Sandi Ashman, Perry Hayward, David Prior, Brian Hutt, Peter Brun (NHW Executive) Ann Hutt, John Punnett.

2.    Apologies:

Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Perry Hayward, Deirdre Ferguson (Manager of The Hawkinge Partnership), Jenny McDonald (Southern Housing Group), Jenny Carter (Head Churchill School)

3.    Report from Community Warden

The Dispersal Order in parts of Hawkinge has now ceased, but police are responding as quickly as possible to the 2 or 3 calls a day received. Names of offenders were taken and parents visited.
If the Order is to be reinstated the full official procedure will need to take place. Ian gave a breakdown of crime figures in Hawkinge including criminal damage, theft, shoplifting, indecency,
damage to motor vehicles, theft of a caravan and an air rifle incident causing damage to the window of a residence.

Many complaints were made due to the throwing of snowballs but there are some polite children in the village. o­ne councillor was asked if it was all right to throw snowballs before they pelted him. Ian said during the recent weeks he has identified 25 vulnerable persons he has helped and that this sort of work should continue.

Ian’s report is the last he would give to the forum, as he is to take up a new job o­n the 11th. Thanks all around the table were heartily given before he left the meeting. Ian’s work has been highly valued and will be sorely missed by Hawkinge, the new warden will have a tough act to follow. There will also be a second warden for the village who will spend 2 days a week with us.

4.    Minutes of last meeting.

Signed by Chairman 

5.    Open Forum - Matters Arising.

Brian thought there that some of the space in the village car park is wasted and should be re-planned.

Lights are required o­n the pathway next to the village Hall.  The new slope at the Community end of the pathway requires a handrail to be classed as safe in the wet and icy weather. There are still problems with parking and congestion in the village in the mornings.

Plans need to be drawn with regard to parking arrangements at the Community Centre, Village Hall and north of the Community Centre. SDC, Hawkinge Parish Council and the Hall committees need to get together to sort it all out. The forum feels that an independent survey is required for the village to develop the best infrastructure for future safety and development, not just for now.

Chairman agreed to write to the Partnership insisting this impartial survey should take place.  Still concern about illegal parking o­n pavement outside of the shops, rubbish and grass cutting.

Concerns from the Community about the question of the closure/ width restrictions of Mill Lane. A Parish/ KCC matter. Those concerned should contact their councillor. Signs for surrounding lanes required informing drivers of the likelihood of horses and walkers. Speed restrictions in “Home Zones� document to be found.

6.    Reports from Neighbourhood Watch

New computer (KCM) and contact system should go into place 11th April making it easier to leave messages and store more information than at present. NHW wish to inform more of the vulnerable, elderly people that they can be offered the “Handy Vanâ€? service free of charge to upgrade their security if their saving are less than £16,000. Peter Brun is the new NHW Executive for Hawkinge NHW chain of coordinators.  AGM 16th March at the Civic Centre.

7.    Councillors - reports

Complaint of Hawkinge being cut off in the recent snow was due to a set of unique circumstance and the gritter being obstructed by traffic.  Requests for more litterbins and dog-waste bins. Plans to extend the path from the Community Centre to the A260 when the Village Hall Car Park controlled by the Parish Council is revamped. Holes in car park will be filled, and the layout changed. The dangerous pile of blocks belonging to the Community Centre will be removed.

8.    Review current and past actions and letters


The Forum listed current and past actions. Chairman reported that even with all the hard work put in there has not been much progress in convincing authorities that the village needs their involvement and proper planning for the safety of the community, and that he welcomes the new relationship with the Hawkinge Partnership as a way forward. A list of concerns attached.


None received – Consents have been given for various projects including a pub o­n the employment land opposite school, Go ahead for completing the link road and next phase of housing. The Forum have safety concerns about the controls in place for the existing roads/conditions for signage and wish to participate and be consulted at the safety audit stage of the planning of new distribution roads. It appears that safety control will initially be with the developer until acceptable by the authorities as to be fit to be adopted. Chairman has written Jeff Stack SDC.

9.    Any other business.

Next Meeting.
Thursday 12th May 2005 at the Hawkinge Partnership Building
7.15pm to 9.15pm

All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.