Million more vehicles on Shepway's roads

Contributed by editor on Apr 24, 2005 - 03:04 AM


The effects of airport expansion at Lydd could be felt as far away as Hythe if expansion gets the green light say local Lib Dems.

The airport wants to expand from taking 4000 passengers last year to around 2 million each year.

The Lib Dems claim this would lead to a million extra vehicles using already busy local roads.

Estimates put the number of flights at around a hundred a day  and the airport has also said that they hope to allow night flights.

Peter Carroll said, "Thousands of people have already backed our campaign. The development would do huge damage to the local environment. It would harm tourism in the area and shatter the quality of life of many residents. It must be stopped."

Details about the proposed flight path are unknown but some residents fear that planes could fly in over parts of Hythe, Dymchurch and St Marys Bay as well as houses closer to Lydd.