Call to save the Leisuredrome

Contributed by editor on May 25, 2005 - 04:47 PM



Dear Editor,

Last night I called up your web site and was astonished to see that somebody was suggesting the Leisuredrome be pulled down and rebuilt.

How can this possibly be, when there is a charity already set up and funded? 

Only newcomers to the village could be unaware how much 'blood, tears toil, and sweat", have been put into creating a centre for the young people of the village where they can do their own thing and not be o­n the streets causing mayhem.

There are well qualified people waiting to get o­n with the job of directing and helping the youth of Hawkinge to enjoy themselves in a civilised manner.

I ask everyone even o­nly remotely interested, to pressure the Parish Council into letting them have the lease of the building. Enough unhappiness has been caused to the young people already, the funds are available for the equipment, so what ever excuse is there for not getting o­n with this much required facility now?

The youngsters in the village most of whom are pretty decent kids, are just longing for something to do, and somewhere to do it.

What I say is, please help them by saving the Leisuredrome for use  Now!

Yours sincerely,

Pat Lamb.         (Ex Parish Councillor)