Laser gun villagers miss out zapping speeding motorists

Contributed by editor on Aug 18, 2005 - 01:17 PM


A scheme to crack down on speeding drivers that involves villagers operating laser guns is expanding across Kent , but Hawkinge will be left out of the initiative.

Hawkinge Parish Council had decided not to back the scheme over a year ago, but Parish Councillor Peter Smith told the Gazette he had supported the scheme.

Parish Councils will are looking for volunteers to help make their local roads safer by using laser guns to record speeding motorists.

Under the Speed Watch scheme Parish councils will first identify roads where motorists regularly exceed the speed limit.

Volunteers will record registration numbers of drivers regularly caught speeding, and those who regularly exceed the speed limits will be given advice about their driving and the consequences of speeding.

If a vehicle is found to have been speeding twice within a 12-month period, the registered owner will receive an advisory letter from the police, and if the same vehicle is caught three times, they will receive a further warning letter and the police could then take follow-up action.

Please contact the Gazette if you feel Hawkinge villagers should get involved :Email