Why get involved now?

Contributed by admin on Aug 24, 2005 - 08:23 AM

WHY GET INVOLVED NOW? re: Parish Council steps in over Community Centre cash crisis

Dear Ed,

Somewhat surprised that the Parish Council seems to be ending it's isolationist attitude that it has adopted in recent times.

It has withdrawn from the Kent Association of Parish Councils and I believe wirhdrawn it's association with the Hawkinge Partnership.

It has also decided not to back the scheme that would have enhanced Road Safety by promoting the use of "speed guns" (after suitable training) by villagers that would have served as a deterrent to the increasing amount of speeding drivers in this ever expanding village.

It is also in the process, it seems, of selling of the Leisuredrome. It awaits a land valuation and will discuss the matter on September 14.

Given the above actions, how come the Parish Council now seems to be interested in getting re involved with community matters?

Perhaps Hawkinge should have an executive Mayor, with the power to make and carry out decisions for the benefit of all in the village. As with a few notable exceptions, our Parish Councillors seem to counsel against anything appertaining to the Parish's good.

Perhaps there should be a general resignation of the Parish Council and let Adminstrators take overand let people who are used to making pro-active decisions, make them.

No doubt, given the track record so far this year of the Parish Council, it will be bye bye Community Centre and buy buy by Lidl. It will save Lidl having to build their store, it will be ready made for them....or is that the plan ?

Fed up Finkle