Community Centre set to close

Contributed by editor on Aug 26, 2005 - 12:45 PM


Trustees of the Hawkinge Community Centre are to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the cash strapped complex on Sunday (28 August).

Chairman of the Trustees John Heasman told the Gazette the meeting was private and only Trustees were attending. He said they would be discussing the financial problems and hoped they could prevent the Centre from being closed.

He said that the Treasurer Trevor Johns had indicated he would resign but he was hoping he would stay.

John said: "I want it saved, it's got to be saved, I have put evertything into this. This is the memorial to the Airfield.

The possibility of the Centre closing by the end of the month cannot be ruled out.

Hawkinge Parnership boss Deirdre Ferguson has written to the trustees about the Hawkinge Fun Day. She said that contingency plans for the event on Saturday (3 September) were being prepared.

The centre is looking for an immediate cash injection of £7,000, and in a report written by Trustee and Treasurer Trevor Johns presented to the Parish Council, it says the Centre will have to close if the money cannot be raised within 30 days.

Shepway Council have refused the Centre an entertainment licence on the grounds of noise and the Trustees need to install sound proofing by the end of September.

If the Community Centre is forced to close, the village could also lose both the Baptist Church and the Post Office.