Changing room sneak thief warning

Contributed by editor on Sep 13, 2005 - 01:51 PM

Changing room sneak thief warning


Local police are warning weekend sports enthusiasts to make sure their valuables are kept safe following a series of raids on changing rooms.

They say that over the past couple of weekends they have received reports of offenders sneaking into changing rooms whilst the players are distracted and helping themselves to cash and credit cards and whatever else they can find. 

Their advice is not to leave valuables unattended in a changing room and if possible lock them away in a locker or in your car. 

Make sure the changing room is locked after the last person leaves to take part in the game and they suggest  the valuables are looked after by a member of the team on the sideline. Never leave them unattended in an insecure changing room. 

Police would like this warning to be circulated to anybody you know who runs a team or looks after local changing rooms.