Folkestone parking hike slammed

Contributed by editor on Sep 17, 2005 - 05:14 PM


Philip Martin, Conservative Party Candidate for Folkestone Harvey Central, today criticised the hike in car parking charges in the Middleburg Square Car Park

The Car park, run by NCP, has increased its charges for local workers who need to park for around 9 hours from £4.40 to £10, up 227%. Car Parking is still advertised as £4.40 on the website (as of yesterday 16 September) and on a sign outside.

In a statement Philip said, “This smacks of opportunism. We know there is a shortage at the moment but that does not excuse this. I want to encourage people into the town not scare them away.�

NCP said the increases were, “due to the shortage of car parking spaces in Folkestone.�