Hawkinge Parish Council minutes of meeting 10 August 2005

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Minutes of the meeting of HAWKINGE PARISH COUNCIL held on 10th August 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllr. Callahan (Chairman)

Cllrs. Brisley, Heasman, Hodgson, Hogben, Punnett, Smith and Trice

In attendance: Mrs Hardy (Clerk)

Apologies: Cllrs. Heasman and Smith for late arrival


It was reported that ragwort is growing on the grass verges, the roundabout on Spitfire Way and areas in the village where children play. KCC will be notified because the weed is a danger to children and animals. A resident of Mill Lane advised that the verges had been cut back, but the debris had not been cleared. 


152 Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2005 were confirmed and signed

(prop. Cllr. Hogben, sec. Cllr. Punnett)

153 Matters Arising

(a) Pillar Box [min. 144(a)]

There are still problems with the box outside Tesco’s. Royal Mail had been asked to provide an additional box outside the Post Office.

(b) Memorial Garden [min. 148(c)]

Cllr. Hogben said he had written to the Neighbourhood Partnership for a grant towards the flagpoles some time ago but had not received a reply to date.

(c) Y05/0749/SH Land at 140 Canterbury Road

Cllr. Trice reported that SDC had refused the application. The main grounds for refusal were that the development would constitute an undesirable form of back land development and that the use of the access would cause unreasonable disturbance to the occupiers of the adjoining dwellings.

154 Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Callahan declared an interest in planning matters (member of Development Control Committee SDC) he reserved the right to make a decision at District level when he is in possession of all the facts relating to an application.

Cllr. Punnett declared a prejudicial interest in the village hall car park (owner of 85 Canterbury Road, adjacent to the hall).

155 Reports – Working Groups

(a) Community Liaison

Cllr. Brisley asked when the new Community Warden was due to commence work.

(b) Finance Group

The Chairman reported that a meeting was held on 21st July. Cllr. Trice had given a progress report on the Football Project. 

The Council had referred discussion about the future of the Spitfire Leisuredrome hall and land to the rear to the Finance Group [min.129]. 

Cllr. Callahan said Cllr. Hogben had written a paper that formed the basis of the discussion at the Group meeting, and since the meeting, a précis for distribution to all councillors.

Cllr. Callahan read out the statement, a copy of which is attached to these minutes in the Minute Book.

The recommendation from the Group is that the land be disposed of and the proceeds devoted to further facilities for the village with an emphasis on provision for youth.

The Council noted the report. It was agreed that there is a demand for other facilities in the village.

It was Resolved that the Council would get a Valuation of the Leisuredrome based on the marketable value of the land before a decision is made about the future of the Leisuredrome.

(prop. Cllr. Trice, sec. Cllr. Hodgson) Votes: For 4 Against 0 Abstentions 2

156 Other Bodies

(a) Neighbourhood Management Partnership

The Council received a draft document entitled “Protocol of Working between the Partnership and PC� written by Ms Ferguson, Manager of the Partnership. The document sets out a framework for joint working to support the Hawkinge Partnership and Parish Council, enabling both groups to work together effectively for the benefit of Hawkinge. Some councillors were not happy with the wording of the document and thought it should be rejected on those grounds.

Councillors questioned the necessity for a Local Authority having a “Protocol of Workingâ€? with another body. Cllr. Hodgson has been appointed to serve on the Board as the Council’s representative. 

It was Resolved that the HNP be advised that the Council does not approve the draft document “Protocol of Working between the Partnership and PC� or accept the necessity to sign a document for a framework for joint working in order to support the Partnership.

(prop. Cllr. Punnett, sec. Cllr. Hogben) Votes: For 4 Against 0 Abstentions 2.

(b) Community Centre

Cllr. Hodgson said the Executive Committee had got to find a way to involve the community and get a bigger input into the Community Centre. 

Cllr. Callahan asked what was the present situation regarding the proposal to set up an Advisory Committee. Cllr. Hodgson said the Executive Committee had not held a meeting to discuss it.

(c) Village Hall

Next meeting 28th September.

At this point Cllr. Heasman joined the meeting

157 Hawkinge Football Ground

(a) The Football Project

The Group held a meeting on 4th August. Cllr. Trice reported that Mr Roger Reed, Regional Facilities Manager, had passed the drawings prepared by Iain McMillan to the Technical Assessor at the Football Foundation, who had approved the plans and made a few comments that had been noted. 

Cllrs. Callahan and Trice had met Len Mayatt, Community Engagement Officer, and Wilbert Greaves, Sports Development Officer, SDC, on 26th July at the Civic Centre. They had asked SDC to state its support for the PC’s bid for FA funding in the application form and to include the project in any bids it makes for sporting facilities in Shepway.

Cllr. Trice said it is necessary to have a ground condition survey carried out and he was making enquiries. He told councillors that with the extra usage of the football ground the necessity to unlock and lock the gate at the Canterbury Road entrance into Incinerator Road was becoming a burden. It was agreed that Mr Corner, Assistant Contracts Manager, KCC Waste Management, be contacted and asked to meet members of the Group to discuss the problem. 

The Chairman said that in view of the increased income that will be generated this season, the Council would soon be able to pay for someone to look after the football ground.

(b) Management of the ground

Cllr. Hodgson reported that the new set of goal posts had been delivered. There are some problems with the ground condition of the second pitch. 

At this point Cllr. Smith joined the meeting

158 Finance

It was Resolved that the following accounts be approved for payment.

(prop. Cllr. Trice, sec. Cllr. Heasman) Votes: For 7 Against 0 Abstention 1 



Hawkinge Community Centre



Cllr. Punnett (reimbursement)


SDC rates (football ground)



SDC rates (SL)



NatWest EBS



Mrs B.M.Hardy (salary)



Mrs B.M.Hardy (expenses inc. tel.a/c)


Hawkinge Village Hall


Harmer Landscapes


Southern Water (estimated)


159 Correspondence

(a) Councillors received a letter from John Punnett (1st July) and considered his

request that the PC erect a 1.8 m high fence along the boundary of his property with the village hall car park to prevent fumes, noise and dust invading his garden. The Chairman said some councillors had asked for the decision regarding the route of the footpath/cycleway between Haven Drive and Canterbury Road to be reconsidered. This could be done in 5 months time and all aspects including the financial implications could be considered at the same time. 

It was Resolved that all the issues concerning the Village Hall car park, including the request for a fence from Mr Punnett, be considered at the January 2006 meeting of the Parish Council.

(prop. Cllr. Callahan, sec. Cllr. Trice) Votes: For 5 Against 0 Abstentions 2

Cllr. Punnett left the room while the above item was discussed.

(b) Mr Rodney Williamson, County Secretary, KAPC, had written to the Chairman

to say he was sorry that the Council had not renewed its membership. Received and contents noted.

(c) Mrs Newman, 7 Gloster Close, (2nd August) asked the Council to build tennis

courts in the village. She had noticed that SDC had identified the need in the Local Plan and she intended to start a campaign to have them built as soon as possible. Mrs Newman to be advised that the Council has noted her request and will see what can be done about it.

(d) The following documents were received:

Action with Communities in Rural Kent – funding for new parish plans.

KCC Annual Plan 2005/06

Kent Fire & Rescue Service – Service Performance Plan 2005/06 

160 Plans

The following plans had been received and comments sent:

Y05/0923/SH 24 Aerodrome Road: erection of single storey rear extension and conservatory. No objections.

Y05/0924/SH 15 Petrel Way: erection of a single storey side extension. 

No objections.

Plans considered at the meeting:

Y05/0885/SH Port Fleur, Coombe Wood Lane: amended plan (four individual pitched roof dormer windows to rear instead of one large flat roofed dormer)

No comment.

Y05/1036/SH 87 Heron Forstal Avenue: extension to side boundary wall. 

No objection.

Y05/0958/SH 110 Canterbury Road: outline application for the erection of a dwelling. Objection. Grounds for objection - over development of the plot.

Y05/1057/SH Telephone Exchange, Barnhurst Lane: installation of 15m high timber monopole with associated antenna, cabinets and cabling in connection with mobile telecommunications network.

Comments: Have alternative sites been looked at? There is no documentation to say whether mast sharing has been investigated. The Council does support the objections raised by local residents.

At this point Cllr. Hodgson left the meeting

161 Youth Shelters

Cllr. Trice gave councillors information handouts about Rekk Youth Shelters. He suggested the Council apply for funding from HNP. It was agreed that it was a good idea but as it would have to be placed on PC land, a suitable site would have to be identified. This item will be placed on the next agenda. 

At this point Cllr. Smith left the meeting


It was resolved that because publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by

Reason of the confidential nature of business to be transacted the public (including the Press) be excluded from the meeting pursuant to the provision of sub section 100 & 102 of the Local Government Act, 1972.

163 Memorial Garden

Cllr. Hogben had received estimates from two Tree Surgeons to date. He had only just received them and needed time to consider them in detail.

It was Resolved that Cllr. Hogben be delegated to order the work on behalf of the Council provided the cost did not exceed £600.

(prop. Cllr. Callahan, sec. Cllr. Trice) Votes: all in favour

The meeting closed at 10 pm