Wrong direction for Bandstand Campaign

Contributed by editor on Sep 22, 2005 - 11:10 PM


Dear Ed,

A campaign  launched recently to 'Save our Bandstand' bothered me for some days, before it dawned on me why.

I realised  that deep within my 'Council archives', I had a copy of  a 1913 Indenture between Lord Radnor and the Borough of Folkestone, which has since become Shepway District Council or even Folkestone Town Council, since the formation of the  authority last year.

Reading the document it is clear the council's  responsibility is to either repair or demolish the bandstand.

However it can only be demolished if the council consider it is no longer used as a bandstand. 

If repairs are needed,  Folkestone Estates, who lease the building, have the power to step in and force the council to do the necessary repair work within 3 months, or do the work themselves and present a bill to the Authority.

Unless there is an indenture which supercedes this 999 year lease, the question must be asked.

Why are the energies of this noble campaign not being directed to ensuring that both landlord and tenant fulfill their obligations.

Colin Tearle