Overweight Mark ordered off cruise ship

Contributed by editor on Sep 06, 2005 - 08:38 AM


Boss at the Hawkinge Recycling Centre has been ordered off a cruise ship after a tour boss declared him too fat to travel reports the Sun newspaper.

24 stone Mark Wyatt was about to start a voyage around the Arctic with wife Sheena when the ship’s captain said he would have to be examined by a doctor.

It was then reported by the newspaper that Dudley Smith, boss of Voyages of Discovery, intervened  and told the couple to get off.

In the report Mr Smith claimed Mark had not stated o­n his booking form that he suffered from “obesity, osteoarthritis and congestive cardiac failureâ€?.

But Mark, of Folkestone, Kent, insisted he did reveal his diagnosed condition of “heart disease�.

He said: “I know I’m obese but I have never been diagnosed with these other conditions.�

The Wyatts were due to join 650 passengers o­n the 20,000-ton ship Discovery, sailing from Harwich, Essex, to Iceland and Greenland.

Mark’s case was highlighted by Holiday Which? magazine, which accused the cruise company of being “appalling and insensitive�.

Mr Smith refunded the couple’s £4,098 fare but would not pay compensation.