Cutting cake - a criminal act

Contributed by editor on Sep 07, 2005 - 04:56 PM


Our WI was founded in 1928 and in September we have a Birthday Meeting to mark the event. 

This year is also the 90th Anniversary of the founding of East Kent Federation of WIs giving us two good reasons to celebrate. 

In order to mark this Anniversary the Federation had set a competition for the best decorated cake reflecting the occasion.  Hettie Quinn, who excels at this type of craft, was asked to produce a suitable cake, she did not disappoint.  The finished cake was a masterpiece and in my role of president it felt almost like a criminal act to cut into it.  Thank you so much Hettie, I’m sure we have a very good chance of winning (for those of you who don’t like loose ends the cake had to be photographed for the competition!).

I should also say that the cake itself was absolutely delicious.  The afternoon was great fun, after welcoming our guests; WI Adviser Ruth Pascoe, Group Secretary Audrey Chant and representatives from other WIs in our group a very rousing rendition of Jerusalem was sung to music performed by Richard Bosworth, he and his wife Carol Ann were to entertain us with “Music, Magic and Songâ€?.  

It is customary to sing “Happy Birthdayâ€? to those members whose birthdays are due but this month they had the added bonus of participating in the first of Carol Ann’s magic tricks.  It was wonderful and certainly made a different start to our meeting. 

After a very small amount of business Carol Ann and Richard got underway; we all thoroughly enjoyed the magic (how does she do it?) the music (played beautifully by Richard) and then the sing-along.  At o­ne point the birthday girls, Barbara, Brenda Jean and Josie were o­nce again invited o­n stage but this time to play percussion instruments – a brilliant sound – I think they were in tune! 

During the exceedingly delicious tea, thanks to all who helped produce it, Nora Cole distributed a brain teaser of a quiz which she had compiled.  Everyone sitting at the table could confer and for the winners there was a finger of fudge each.

To mark this special occasion we had a special raffle and thanks go to both Daphne Sayer for her choice of prizes and Daphne Hitchcock for the stunning flower decorations she made (snapped up very quickly I might add).  The monthly competition was “A Vase of Rosesâ€?, winner Linda Barnes. 

The afternoon flashed by and all too soon it was time to end the meeting with the singing of the National Anthem.  I hope that like me every o­ne went home with a light heart and happy memories. 

Next month our meeting falls o­n Tuesday 4th October when we will be welcoming Carol Ann back again to talk to us about hats, the monthly competition is “A Favourite Hatâ€?, we start promptly at 2pm in the village hall. 

Do come and join us, you can be assured of a very warm welcome.  For more information please ring the Secretary o­n 893858.