Removed bollards make no difference

Contributed by editor on Jan 12, 2006 - 08:00 PM


Dear Ed,

The bollards has always been a contentious issue for the residents o­n the 'poorer' side of Webster Way and adjoining roads.

Original buyers o­n the Bellwinch estate were always led to believe that there would be a connecting road through to the traffic lights in Canterbury Road.

As to whether Webster way is suitable for this traffic of course it is, through both estates there are traffic calming measures and it is not used as a short cut because it is no quicker to reach Cow Gate Lane through the estate as it is to go along The Street.

It is not necessary to remove the bollards as some cowboy has already done that over the Xmas break! As for congestion or relieving there is no difference.

I for o­ne am quite happy the bollards are missing for the time being anyway!