What utter rubbish Charles

Contributed by editor on Jan 13, 2006 - 03:54 PM


Dear Ed

Re: <SPAN class=storytitle><A class=pn-title href="">Don't sacrifice a play street to yet more traffic

What utter rubbish Charles. Firstly, all the streets are for traffic and not a play area and if you think that Webster Way might become a rat run ,just think of the volume and speed of traffic that the people who live in The Street and Mill Lane have had to endure over the years so that the residents of the Webster Way can have the peace that they think that they should have.

Oh and by the way Charles, we too have children and also a school in Mill Lane, a lane that has hardly any pathways and is used by many children and parents who walk to school.

If you saw the traffic that uses it and their speed then you could say "THAT'S A RAT RUN"