Are the council back-tracking on bollards' decision?

Contributed by editor on Jan 14, 2006 - 06:01 PM


Dear Editor

We were under the impression when purchasing our property in Mill Lane last year that the bollards in Webster Way were merely a short-term measure and that they would be opened up to to relieve traffic conjestion in Mill Lane caused through the building of the new estates. 

However, it appears o­nce again, that the Council seem to be 'back-tracking' o­n decisions previously made. 

A comment was made asking whether Webster Way would be a suitable 'throughway' for traffic. 

Has anyone considered the unsuitability of Mill Lane as a throughway, especially as the lane was designed as a 'lane' and not a road  i.e. having no pavement for the majority of its length, very limited street lighting, a blind corner and so narrow in places as to accommodate o­nly o­ne way traffic safely? 

Thus pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly increasingly take their lives in their own hands when walking along the lane.

Angie - resident of Mill Lane