Someone else's problem

Contributed by editor on Jan 16, 2006 - 12:30 PM


Dear Ed,

If there are any readers out there of the Douglas Adams series "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" they are probably also aware of the potent capabilities of the "SEP Field". 

The SEP Field (or Someone Else's Problem Field) was discovered to be o­ne of the best ways of hiding something; even objects as large as intergalgactic spacecraft were able to be hidden, thanks to the SEP Field.

Litter, however spread, seems to be particularly sensitive to the effects of the SEP Field; o­nce the empty cigarette carton is discarded it is immediately enveloped in the field and disappears!  The  pop bottle, also no longer desired, immediately pops out of sight; sweet wrappers, fast food containers (you know the o­nes - the polystyrene cartons) even discarded condom foils; all these things, and many more besides, all of them disappear o­nce they have been discarded by thier owners: all  of this waste material becomes the pervue of "someone else" and is therefore invisible.

Since the talented Caroline can see this waste, she must be especially blessed; blessed with the third sight of o­ne who can see through the SEP Field.  What a talent; if o­nly she could lend her special abilities to the good of all and go and pick up some of the offensive matter - wouldn't that be marvellous? 

Perhaps she could even be prevailed upon to train others to develope the "third sight" so that they too can see the invasive waste.  Before long we could have squads of those who see throught the effects of the SEP Field, picking up the pernicious articles and soon the village would be wonderful again; clear of broken glass, discarded cartons, unloved alcopop bottles and all things offensive.

Better still, why don't people just stop throwing litter about - much simpler o­ne feels.