A waste of time money and effort

Contributed by editor on Jan 24, 2006 - 03:47 PM


Dear Caroline,

Re: Achieve a cleaner village

I don't wish to put any sort of negative comments o­n the wish to have the village cleaned up, but alas and unfortunately I fear that the effort would be totally wasted both in terms of the man hours required and the costs incurred.

Not to put too finer point o­n it, much of the rubbish is generated by those irresponsible members of society who have no notion of personal cleanliness, hygiene, or social responsibility.  This group of people also (usually) are the o­nes that have o­ne sort of derogation or another from paying the full amount for local services and so it really matters not a jot to them whether it is cleaned up or not.

The other mass generators of litter are the selfish o­nes among us who just can't be bothered and never see why they should pay for it to be done anyway.

The last grouping are the business organisations who are in the area, including those who are supposed to collect the rubbish,  so that waste is scattered from building sites, stock movements and the like.

So yes Caroline, I would like to see the place tidied up; unfortunately I fear it would be a waste of time, money and effort.

Yours despondently,