Warning of handbag thefts

Contributed by editor on Jan 26, 2006 - 04:20 PM


Neighbourhood Watch report that o­n Monday morning (23 January) in Wingham, a robbery took place where a lady standing at a bus stop had her handbag stolen by occupants of a passing vehicle.

Neighbourhood Watch believe this is the first time this kind of robbery has occurred although they point out that in Folkestone vehicles have pulled up to people walking along the street and asked for directions. The driver then says they cannot hear what is being said and when they take a step closer to the vehicle their bag has been snatched.

Please make people aware of this type of crime. 

This message isn't put out to frighten people, but to educate them.  People need to know where their bag is at all times and ensure they do not go out with more money than they expect to spend.  Never take jewellery out of the house believing that it is safer in a handbag than left in the house.