Ideal location for surgery

Contributed by editor on Feb 14, 2006 - 07:09 PM


Dear David/Ed

Re: Demolition of Village Hall

I fully agree with David that this would be an ideal location for the Doctors Surgery

The car park that supports the community village hall could double as a car park for the doctors, with the pharmacy o­nly a stones throw away  -  and not even needing to cross to road.

I cannot see the benefit of retaining the old village hall  (I know some of you will) but all the activities could be taken up by the new community centre so as to not lose these, and I appreciate that holding a function in the old village hall is probably less expensive than new community centre but this would have to be addressed.

The car park would need to be finished off as this lets down the impressive new community centre at the moment.

Lets hope Hawkinge Partnership will see this as a positive step forward for Hawkinge.