No tickets for local ladies

Contributed by editor on Mar 10, 2006 - 05:08 PM


The March meeting saw another good attendance o­n what was a rather nasty, cold, foggy day.  After Jerusalem was sung birthday greetings were accorded to Mesdames Egleton, Pinder, Godden, Lamb and Bruce. Business was then discussed; there were two rather difficult issues o­n the agenda and I will touch o­n them briefly. 

Firstly it was my duty to inform the members of our failure to get any tickets for the forthcoming Annual Council Meeting being held at the Leas Cliff Hall; those who had hoped to go were very disappointed as this is usually a very good day out and had been anticipated with much excitement for some time. It was thought that the loss of the half yearly council meeting and the popularity of the speaker were partly the cause of it being sold out.  I guess we will have to see the main speaker, Anne Widdicombe, some other time! 

Secondly a letter was read, for approval, which is to be sent together with a petition to the National Federation of WIs objecting to the compulsory introduction of a magazine next year.  These two topics caused a great deal of heated discussion; yes we do have a voice, we wish to be consulted o­n important matters and we will be heard!

It was then my pleasure to introduce our speaker, Imogen Corrigan, who entertained us thoroughly with her talk o­n “The Politeness of Princesâ€?.  Imogen certainly knows her subject well and it was fascinating to hear about the etiquette of eating at table in medieval times.  We learnt that there are many sayings today such as “the upper crustâ€? and “trenchermanâ€? which originate from that time. It was quite clear that the image of food throwing and extremely uncouth behaviour has been conjured up by the “Hollywoodâ€? producers and good manners were an essential part of communal eating.  With slides and some wonderful anecdotes Imogen painted a truly unforgettable picture; I look forward to her return next year when she will tell us about mediaeval pilgrimages.
The monthly competition was for a Corsage of Flowers won by Carole Seabrook. The next meeting is o­n Tuesday 4th April when Mrs Carter will be helping to hone our catering skills with her presentation: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinnerâ€?, I understand there will be “tastersâ€?! 

Do come along and meet this friendly group of ladies, we start at 2pm in Hawkinge village hall.  If you would like more information please contact the secretary, Christine Allard, o­n 863146.

Linda Barnes