Shepway Neighbourhood Watch AGM

Contributed by editor on Mar 23, 2006 - 12:59 PM


Dear Ed,

I was a little disappointed that the message regarding the Shepway Neighbourhood Watch AGM was re-hashed as it gave out totally the wrong message.
Within NHW the official notice for the AGM was posted back in January to all Co-ordinators.  It has subsequently been advertised in the NHW Newsletter and all Co-Ordinators have each personally received a letter of invitation which also contained the Agenda and minutes of the 2005 meeting.  My putting out a message this week was just to jog peoples memories.  The message started by stating THIS IS A REMINDER.
I would appreciate if you would clarify this matter - your interpretation of my message left it wide open for comments, which of course it has received, and left NHW appearing to be a deceitful and underhand organisation.
Sally Coleman,
Parish & NHW Liaison Officer

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<FONT color=navy>Editor's comment:- The letter was re-written as we had not been informed of the meeting prior to the notification of the AGM.

<FONT color=navy>It could have been confusing to readers had we printed it as a reminder, when this was the first time we had written about the meeting.
We apologise that it was interpreted in such a way that Neighbourhood Watch appeared a deceitful and underhand organisation.  We had no intention of conveying this message.