Car break-ins alert

Contributed by editor on Mar 03, 2006 - 06:28 PM



Neighbourhood Watch have reported that in this last week three cars have been broken into whilst they have been parked in beauty spots or dog walking areas. 

These are situated in West Hythe, by the canal, Elham Park Wood near Wheelbarrow Town and at the end of the old railway track at Peene.  The contents of a vehicle stolen earlier this week were found at the sight of the break-in at West Hythe.

If you should be out walking this weekend and travel to that spot by car please make sure that the vehicle is left in a secure state with no contents in it.

On all occasions the side window was smashed and loose change was stolen.

Neighbourhood Watch are also anxious to draw your attention to the less caring in the community who seem to be jumping o­n the news about water meters in the area. 

An elderly lady was visited in Lyminge this week and was told by the two males that they wanted to talk about the new water meters and asked how she wanted to pay and even took credit card details. 

Please make sure that all your neighbours are aware of this latest scam and of course the message is as usual DO NOT let anyone into your house and do not give them any banking details. 

If you should get such callers please let the Police know immediately o­n 01303 250055.