Is the Leisuredrome still being sold?

Contributed by admin on Mar 30, 2006 - 08:22 AM


Dear Ed

The latest saga from Hawkinge Parish Council has just arrived through my door neatly wrapped within the pages of the monthly copy of the Roundel, and what an example of muddled and mistaken thinking it is! 

The words, 'collective responsibility' come to mind when reading this little gem about the Spitfire Leisuredrome being an ideal place for an indoor sports and facility centre. Correct me if I'm wrong but is it not in the process of being sold? 

It then confesses not to know what is happening to the bollards in Webster Way. I ask, why not? What have they been doing, apart from jacking up the parish portion of the Council Tax by 34%? 

Next it is claimed the Council are providing litter and dog waste bins. But I thought the Partnership contributed nearly 90% of the funding. 

And finally a committee has been formed to fill holes and build a fence in the village hall car-park. Why? Is this yet another example of, if in doubt form a committee? 

Is there not a village hall management committee already in place? If not, why can`t it be dealt with smoothly and efficiently by the Council itself? 

No wonder meetings take so long!